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The dromons (from Greek δρόμων, dromon, i.e. "runner") were the most important warships of the Byzantine navy from the 6th to 12th centuries AD. They were indirectly developed from the ancient trireme and were usually propelled by both oar and sail, a configuration that had been used by navies in the Mediterranean Sea for centuries.
Literary sources and accounts reveal that there were at least three varieties of dromon. These were, firstly the ousiakon which took its name from one company or ousia of 100 men. This was a two-banked galley with the lower rank rowing only, and the upper rank rowing or disengaging to fight when required. Secondly the slightly larger pamphylos with a crew of between 120-160. Thirdly the dromon proper, which had a crew of 200, 50 on the lower bank, and 100 on the upper bank in two files, together with 50 marines.
The dromons had a central tower (xylokastron = wooden castle) near the main mast, from which the marines could use their bow and arrows or throw spears and other projectiles. Dromons were frequently equipped with flamethrowers (siphones, hence the ships were described as siphonophoroi dromones) that discharged Greek fire and catapults capable of hurling 10 kg projectiles up to 250 meters.
Middle English dromond and Old French dromont are derived from the dromon, and described any particularly large medieval ship.

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